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May 22, 2023
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DEBRICHEM® supplement published in the Journal of Wound Care
June 22, 2023 Articles

Our novel debriding agent, DEBRICHEM®, has recently been featured in a 3 article supplement in the Journal of Wound Care. The articles provide an introduction to debridement with an overview of current debridement techniques and introduce DEBRICHEM® as a new option for chemical debridement, followed by a seven-patient case series from the United Kingdom.

DEBRICHEM® represents a significant advancement in the field of debridement, offering a unique solution to overcome limitations associated with conventional approaches.

The compelling case series encompassed seven patients with recalcitrant wounds that exhibited a lack of improvement despite receiving standard care for prolonged periods, ranging from 12 months to an astonishing 17 years.

Following treatment with DEBRICHEM®, all cases displayed remarkable healing progress, characterized by a decrease in wound size, substantial resolution of slough, decrease in exudate level and robust production of granulation tissue.

See the images below for a summary per case.

DEBRICHEM®’s proprietary formulation is meticulously engineered to remove biofilm and infection from a wound, triggering the onset of the natural healing process in a single 60-second application. With its ease of use and exceptional efficacy, DEBRICHEM® represents a promising alternative to conventional debridement techniques.

We invite the scientific community to delve into these articles, embracing our shared vision to transform wound care practices and advance patient well-being. The supplement is free to read and download via the Journal of Woundcare educational resources on MagOnline.

CLICK HERE to access the full article

DEBRICHEM® supplement published in the Journal of Wound Care
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