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DEBx Medical is a MedTech company that provides an exciting prospect for the 50 million people worldwide who are suffering from chronic wounds. We are on track to deliver the world’s most effective solution to combat these chronic wounds. Our solution is a liquid gel that is easy to use, removes the infection completely and catalyses a quick wound healing process. Chronic wounds have devastating consequences for patients and contribute to billions of healthcare costs.

"We solve challenges that were previously thought to be unsolvable. Our core focus is on treating wounds at an affordable price with methods that are easy to implement in daily clinical practice."


Medical sciences are one of the driving forces for future innovations improving both human welfare and efficiency. Our core values are innovativeness and accessibility towards safe and efficient therapies. We follow a theranostic approach for our product platform, i.e. We have built a comprehensive approach to the treatment of chronic wounds including: smart application for wound documentation, rapid biofilm diagnostics and wound maintenance and infection prevention and treatment.

The process of chronic wound healing is complex, it involves many specialists and results until now in ever increasing  high costs. All current treatments options fail to break down the biofilm. A rapidly reforming biofilm makes the infection recurring dramatically increases the chances of a debilitating infection returning. No solutions currently exists to date to that effectively heals a chronic wound.

"The holy grail in chronic wound care is a product that is easy to use, removes the infection completely and catalyses a quick wound healing process."


Once infected, most wounds have an 85% chance to develop into a chronic wound (which means that it will not heal within three months).
Chronic wounds are associated with high direct and indirect costs. To date, no solutions exist that can effectively heal a chronic wound, as fast as we can. This is due to the fact that the protective layer of bacteria and biofilm in chronic wounds is extremely difficult to break down.


What if we could reach granulation in just a couple of weeks? What if we could do this in a simple 2 minutes procedure, without the need of performing maintenance debridements procedures. What if we would help drop the cost burden by 90%. What if we could share our experience on hundreds of patients.

What if you join us at the upcoming WUWHS 2020?  We will be providing answers to all those questions.

“Quality is an integral part of our business and we are committed to deliver medical devices that meet all applicable quality, safety, performance and regulatory requirements. We diligently strive for customer satisfaction by consistently meeting customer’s expectations.”


DEBx Medical will fulfill and maintain the EN ISO 13485:2016 standards requirements.

We will fulfill the FDA 21 CFR 820 Quality System Regulations (QSR)

Patient safety allows no shortcuts, we respect the standards of our industry, and we trust all our partners to act in the same manner.


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