Diagnostics and therapy for chronic wounds


About Us

DEBx Medical is a MedTech company that improves the quality of life of the millions of people suffering from chronic wounds. Our core values focus on delivering affordable treatments that are easy to use and implement in daily clinical practice.

Unique products

DEBx provides a radical new approach to wound care: easy to use products catalyzing a quick wound healing process.

Global Support

Strong scientific team, backed by global Key Opinion Leaders and global sales support providing training.

Fast sales cycle & exclusive distribtion

Visible clinical evidence in just 2-10 days and exclusive contracts for limited number of distributors.

Our partners

During this pandemic, chronic wound patients are at an increased risk of COVID-19 due to mandatory recurring hospital visits.
Simply not treating patients is not an option. Curious how DEBx offers the solution?

Are you a distributor and looking for an opportunity?

We are currently in the last stage of obtaining our CE-mark and expect to be able to enter the market in the upcoming months. We are looking for medical distributors within wound care to expand our network and to set up fruitful collaborations. Curious about the possibilities? Click the button to get in touch with our sales representatives.