Is a novel desiccant agent used for chemical debridement.

DEBRICHEM® is an acidic gel certified as a single-use medical device. The product is intended for topical application to an infected wound, to help facilitate removal of the infection by the means of debridement, followed by cleaning and dressing.

About Our Product

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Disruption of the biofilm and remove the infection in chronic wounds in up to 60 seconds. By withdrawing water-molecules from the biofilm, the desiccant gel is rapidly disrupting the biofilm, pathogens and inflammatory proteins in the wound, aiming to turn chronic wounds into acute wounds. 

Single Use Medical Device

Desiccating the biofilm and its pathogens present will debride the wound chemically instead of surgically. After a single treatment and washing the wound with sterile or saline water, the natural wound healing process will start.




DEBRICHEM® is an acidic gel and is applied directly on the wound bed, in a fast and simple procedure. Healthcare professionals should always consider using a local anaesthetic before applying the gel. Further cleaning of the wound and bandaging post treatment is at the doctors choice.  

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