Stands for a unique type of chemical debridement.

DEBRICHEM is a single-use medical device, with a semifluid substance containing an acidic compound. The product is intended for topical application to an infected wound, to help facilitate removal of this infection by the means of debridement, followed by a fluid wash and wiping with a gauze.

DEBx - Our Product DEBIRCHEM
DEBx - Our Product DEBIRCHEM

Easy to use

DEBRICHEM will be available in a liquid form and can be easily applied directly on the wound bed. After a contact time of up to 60 seconds, the composition needs to be removed from the skin by a gauze and by washing the treated skin surface with sterile water or saline.


Single use medical device

Intended to eliminate the biofilm and remove the infection in chronic wounds in up to 60 seconds. The biofilm that consist mostly of water prevents a chronic wound from healing. After the removal of water out of non-vital tissue, pathogens and inflammatory proteins that are present in the biofilm, the natural wound healing process is able to restart, for the biofilm has been diminished.

No operation room required

The procedure is non-surgical and can be carried out by a trained healthcare professional in any medical setting: hospital, nursing home or home care. As a result, no doctor, medical team and operating room are required. This offers an ideal solution for vulnerable patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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