DEBx Medical publishes first clinical data on novel desiccant gel for chemical debridement of infected, chronic wounds in peer-reviewed journal, Wounds.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, February 16, 2021 – DEBx Medical, the Dutch medical technology company revolutionizing the management of chronic wounds, announced today that clinical data on the efficacy and safety of its novel desiccant debridement gel (Debrichem®*) was published by three of its founders, Dr. Alberto Cogo, Dr. Bert J. Quint, and Dr. Carlo Alberto Bignozzi in the renowned medical journal, Wounds. In the peer-reviewed article, “Restarting the Healing Process of Chronic Wounds Using a Novel Desiccant: A Prospective Case Series”, the authors describe how this newly developed debridement gel with strong desiccating properties facilitates the removal of the biofilm and infection from the chronic wound bed, resulting in full granulation of all wounds treated within 12 weeks.

An overview:

  • Chemical debridement with newly developed desiccant agent (Debrichem®) removes biofilm and pathogens, enabling the natural healing process to start.
  • Case series (n = 10) demonstrated full granulation of wound bed in all patients within 12 weeks after one-time application of desiccant agent.
  • Fast and easy application does not require sterile surroundings of surgery room.
  • Chronic wounds affect approximately 1-2 % of the general population in developed countries with different healing outcomes based on the woundsize and etiology of the wound.

Click here for the full press release.

Click here to read the full article in Wounds.

Click here to view the article on Pubmed.

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