New paper published in Annals of Case Reports: Combining DEBRICHEM® treatment with NPWT

We are excited to announce that our latest paper, “Combining an Acidic Compound and NPWT: Debridement and Granulation in Leg and Foot Ulcers”, has recently been published in Annals of Case Reports.

The typical skin ulcer has been in existence for a while and is covered with necrosis and biofilm. These characteristics play a role in the chronicity of these ulcers. Therefore, the lesions should be debrided so that granulation formation, an essential step for healing by secondary intention, can start.

The prospective study was conducted to assess whether the combination of DEBRICHEM® and NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy) would support the development of granulation tissue in hard-to-heal wounds.

Twelve patients with different types of foot- and leg ulcers (average size: 308 cm2, average age: 13 months) participated in the study. Five of the lesions were venous leg ulcers, two were arterial, one was of mixed venous/arterial origin, and one was post-trauma (unknown etiology: N=3).

All patients reached complete granulation in, on average, 13,2 days (range: 7-21).

Concluding that the combination of DEBRICHEM® with NPWT is successful in removing biofilm and necrosis and supports the rapid development of granulation tissue, thus contributing to overall faster healing.

The article is free to read via the following link: Full article

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