Press Release: Journal of Wound Care publication on Debrichem desiccant gel shows significant cost-effectiveness for UK National Health System (NHS) in addition to better outcomes in patients with hard-to-heal venous leg ulcers
June 13, 2022
October 20, 2022
Conference attendance fall 2022
September 7, 2022 News

Now that the summer holidays are coming to an end and everyone is getting back to work, the focus shifts to all upcoming events and conferences organized during this last half of 2022.

DEBx Medical is pleased to announce that we, together with our partners, will be present during the following conferences and events:

  • EPUAP – Prague, Czech Republic 
    14-16 September 
  • Sårbehandlingssymposium – Stockholm, Sweden
    21-22 September 
  • Wound Expo 2022 – Manchester, United Kingdom
    22 September 
  • Breton Wounds – Saint-Malo, France
    22-23 September 
  • Congresso Gestão de Feridas Complexas – Lisbon, Portugal
    23 September 
  • WundDACH – Stuttgart, Germany 
    29 September – 1 October 
  • Diabetic Foot Course – Pisa, Italy
    5-8 October
  • SAWC Fall – Las Vegas, United States
    14-16 October 
  • Commonwealth & 4th Global Wound Conference 2022 – Selangor, Malaysia
    28-30 October 
  • International Conference on Surgical Nursing and Wound Care – Cape Town, South Africa
    3-4 November 
  • Wounds UK – Harrogate, United Kingdom
    7-9 November 
  • VIII Congresso Brasileiro – Sao Paulo, Brazil
    29 November – 2 December 
  • Nurenberg Wound Congress – Nurenberg, Germany
    1-2 December

During these abovementioned events, we will present DEBRICHEM®, our novel topical desiccant gel used for treating chronic infected and necrotic wounds. DEBRICHEM® is a single-use medical device that works by withdrawing water from the biofilm. It rapidly desiccates and thus disrupts the biofilm and pathogens in the wound bed, ultimately allowing the healing process to start through granulation. After only one treatment with DEBRICHEM®, more than 90% of chronic wounds start healing. 

For more details on talks, abstracts and attending company representatives, please get in touch with our team via our website or email:

Conference attendance fall 2022
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