The Effectiveness of DEBRICHEM on In Vitro Biofilms Report

At the South Western Sydney LHD, part of the Ingham Institute of applied medical research, Professor Matthew Malone has performed in vitro tests on different models of wounds to see the effect of DEBRICHEM.

The results are astounding. In a CDC biofilm reactor model, a MBEC and a semi-solid model two major bacteria strains have been assessed. These models have been exposed to DEBRICHEM and exposed to 0.9% sterile Saline as a control.

After this exposure the models have been incubated for growth of the bacteria. After the designated period the models have been checked for colonization forming units (CFU). The results for the control wound models are a happy growth of bacteria. In the models exposed to DEBRICHEM no growth of bacteria is seen, the biofilm is completely eradicated.

In addition, to do a visual check the models have been put in a Scanning Electron Microscope. Here a complete smooth surface is seen after DEBRICHEM exposure compared to the model before DEBRICHEM exposure.

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